Saturday, May 4, 2013

We're Home, Y'All!

I am a slacker. I have neglected this blog (and my cooking one) for too long. I think it started with the inability to post pictures and increased when we started the house project. Then I think the neglect increased again when I realized how long it's really been since I posted anything worthwhile...sort of killed the motivation.

But, I can't quit, seeing as how this blog is sort of my journal of the goings on in our family. . . .

Lest you think that our lives have been as boring as the blog, let me take a minute to clarify.

Since October we have:

started a monster house remodel
moved out to the in-laws for sanity
celebrated Halloween
celebrated Thanksgiving
traveled to Utah
celebrated Christmas
traveled back to Texas
celebrated my father-in-laws birthday
celebrated New Years
had our house broken into (or attempted) three times
celebrated Cael and Landry's 5th birthday
celebrated Valentine's day
traveled to Lake LBJ for spring break
celebrated Lincoln's 13th birthday
moved back into our house
celebrated Easter
celebrated living in West Texas for 5 years
plus a billion other things
and we are still waiting to celebrate being done with the monster house remodel

...all the while working hard at keeping life somewhat normal, we still had sports practices, piano lessons, church callings and meetings, and all the other obligations that come along with life. And guess what? I haven't documented any of it!

Actually, there are some pictures, and if I can figure out how to get them to upload, I'll share. I feel the need to prove we've been living on the face of the earth for the past 6 months, even if the blog doesn't show it.