Monday, September 16, 2013

It's September...What?!?!

So stating that this blog has been neglected would just be stating the obvious. And promising to keep it more up to date is like promising my kids they'll never have to eat foods they don't like. It's likely one I can't keep.

I feel guilty about it, because I started the blog as a way to journal our family's life and adventures and fun without having to keep a journal, because my journal is even more spotty than this blog has been over the last few years!

I feel guilty because we really do have a great life, full of fun, laughs, adventures and more. But the blog has just taken the back burner to so many other things.

Like what, you say?

Well, the house remodel is 99% done, but we've been working on that last little bit by ourselves. If you saw our house before the remodel you'll appreciate the changes and improvements. If you didn't then just know it's amazingly improved over what we used to have.

My mom is living with us until she leaves for her mission in December to go to Jamaica.

I am in the Young Women's presidency and so I am constantly planning activities like the "Month of Missionary Work" that we're doing all month during September. And Young Women's In Excellence. And lessons. And finding time to establish relationships with the girls. Oh, and meetings.

We've had family and friends visit from Utah, Idaho and Texas. We accept any and all visitors. We will make room for anyone. I will cook and serve you if you will come to desolate West Texas to visit us. I will gladly use you as an excuse to not blog.

We've visited Utah for a very short, fun, but somewhat disappointing trip for the UT/BYU football game. We got to see Sandee and Trevor and Jake, as well as a porcupine, deer and elk. We saw Natalie and she only gloated a little bit at the game. We ate Cafe Rio and experienced a huge torrential rainstorm. And UT lost.

I decided to homeschool the three littles this year. What could have been my first year with no kids at home since I had Lincoln 13 years ago turned into having 3 kids home and taking on the responsibility of their education. It's going well.

I had knee surgery. Again.

Plus I like to clean my house, cook, and be a mom to the amazing Snow kids. That is far more important that this little old blog. Right?


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Cindy said...

I'm with you on the blog thing! I feel guilty but not quite enough to do much about it! So glad things are going good for you and your cute family. So, just curious, what made you decide to homeschool your kiddos? I've thought on and off about's it going? And, I wasn't aware that you had knee problems..what is going on and how is your recovery going? We'll have to catch up sometime! Miss having communication with you!