Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2013!

Well, it's a good thing I didn't make resolutions this year. I'm pretty sure every year I've had this blog I've also had the resolution to blog more. I've been ashamed every year as my blog postings have gone down. Or at least I think they have. I really haven't been paying that much attention...which is also a bad thing. I should care more.

We had a great Christmas and a nice, new year. We traveled to Utah for a wedding right before Christmas and decided to go ahead and stay through Christmas since we haven't been 'home' for Christmas since we moved. It was fun to have a white Christmas. The kids loved playing in the snow, and we even managed to scrounge up enough of our winter clothing to not completely freeze while there!

The house is progressing. S-L-O-W-L-Y. But it is progressing. We have walls, most of them are actual walls with dry wall. And insulation. And some even have texture. We have 99% of the windows in. We have new siding. We have a new front porch. We have new exterior doors. Really nice exterior doors. And only one of them was kicked in while we were away in Utah for Christmas. And only our tv was taken after the door was kicked in. That's a good thing. Right? So we also have an updated security system. And electricity to run it.

So, because I can't really post pictures here...yeah, not so technologically minded to be able to figure out a way to bypass the rules... and to reiterate the fact that I'm not really making any set resolutions again this year, I'm going to end by re-posting some "resolutions" from a couple of years ago.

Happy New Year!

Why do we do this to ourselves? We spend days getting ready for the Thanksgiving dinner, only to eat it up and feel sick within fifteen minutes. We spend weeks getting ready for Christmas, only to open all the presents and make a monstrous mess within an hour. Then, immediately after Christmas we spend days deciding what we should resolve to do better in the coming year, only to be completely disappointed in ourselves by mid-January.

I've decided I'm not really that into resolutions. But, if I were, here are some things I might resolve to do better in 2013...

Read more, watch less.
Clean more, cook less.
Play more, eat less.
Pray more, gripe less.
Love more, worry less.

How about you?

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Corinne Baird said...

Soooo. . . you're remodelimg. . . everything?