Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So Tired Of Being Sick

I try to be a glass half full kind of person. I don't always succeed. However, when I wake up in the morning I have the best intentions to be positive.

Then Lincoln came down with the flu on January 16th, and felt mostly better by the 18th. Then I got what I assume was the flu on January 20th and felt mostly better by the 22nd. Then Shane got it on January 23rd and felt mostly better by the 26th. Then I got smacked with something else, finally diagnosed as bronchitis and an ear infection. (so I got an antibiotic) That didn't get better. Ever. (even after that doctor changed the antibiotic to a stronger one) So I went back to another doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis and two ear infections. (so I got an antibiotic shot and another prescription for stronger antibiotics)

I was supposed to follow up with the doctor today, to let her know if the symptoms (cough and ear stuffiness) were gone. But....

Cael came down with a fever yesterday. Took him to the doctor today...the FLU.

So tired of this! We are usually NEVER sick! Seriously, I don't think Savannah, Landry or Cael have even been to the doctor in 2 years. (except for well child checks) So why, WHY are we doing this now?

PS. It's really hard to function in society when you can't hear... makes for awesome conversations, like this:
ANYONE: (&^%*%$^]
ME: what?
ANYONE: )*(&^*&^%$&%$#(*&^(^&^%
ME: (turning my head so the left ear is forward, squinting at their mouths to read their lip) Seriously, can't hear a thing...what?
ANYONE: %^^%$^%$#(&^)*&)(*&$&#(@!&^!&*T^#$*(&)(#$*@)($(@*^$(&
ME: (Nods and smiles, hoping I didn't just agree to give anything of value...)


Katy said...

Boo! No fun!! We've had a horrible round of it here too, but that sounds like the misery just keeps going and going! Hope everyone gets better (especially you!!) soon!

Cindy said...

Hope you are feeling better by now! I've missed conversing with you through the blog..I can't seem to get my act together these days! Hope all is well with your family!